Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday Check-in

The ROW80 Streak continues. Had a productive Saturday night. 1618 words, I know it doesn't sound like much but it's my third highest word count for a day this year. Logan's story is complete- as far as getting to the end. I'm in the process of revising some earlier chapters, and building a complete first draft copy. Some things were written out of order, so I have to go back and insert them into the proper places. Once that's done, I know I have a couple of small things to add in to the story. Then I can look for my rough patches and see how much frosting I need to add to make it all nice and smooth. Then it'll be time to hunt up some betas/critique partners.

So, for Saturday onward I switched WIPs and worked on that second novel that I wanted to complete draft 1 of. The words seemed to flow much faster and in larger chunks. Maybe the 29th Century C.E. agrees with me more than the 21st? :D I'm going to write on this one while I edit/revise/rebuild Logan. (We've had a Six Million Dollar Man, can I get money to rebuild Logan? The 6 Thousand Dollar Novel? Maybe? ;-) (I tried!))


  1. 1618 words is nothing to sneeze at (or some other really trite phrase...sorry, it's Sunday and I have no coffee).

    What I am trying to say is AWESOME! Way to go!

  2. You're right, it's not to be sneezed at, however, I expect to leave that number in the dust soon. On Monday my ROW80 word goal goes up from 1250 to 1500, and I usually do something extra on the side beyond that. I'm sniffing at some 1700-200 word days soon.

  3. Good job on the streak! And I'm jealous of your being able to switch and write something else. I've been struggling with that myself.

  4. Stacy, there's a couple of factors that go into that ability. I can compartmentalize in my head - shut one drawer on a project (and then it doesn't exist)and open another drawer - Boom! brand new different project. Also, I have a chapter summary outline, so I know I can jump back in anywhere with just a quick look at it and the last bit that I wrote on that project.

    Writing bits out of order seems chaotic, but it works for me, and keeps me moving along. No stagnation and procrastination!

  5. I love your description of rough patches and frosting! I wrote a novel like that, where I had to stand back and say, "Now where do I fill in gaps and polish this baby?" Best wishes with your novels!

  6. Thanks Julie. To change metaphors, most of what I've written already has couplings on either end, so hooking this train together shouldn't take much. And then it's onto Beta Depot. Woot! Woot-woot!