Saturday, July 16, 2011

Row80 Sunday Check In And Experiment

I finally had my first daily goal failure on Friday. It just wasn't a good day for writing. 168/750 that day. However, I'm still ahead on total word count by 1400+ words, even with my failure. So, it's all still in the black.


Now, I'd like to conduct an experiment and I need your help!
I'm trying to determine how many of my views are bots, and how many are actual humans.
Leave me a comment down below and tell me how you came to this post, via
  • Me directly by a twitter or Google+ link
  • Someone retweeted my link (Mention who so I can thank them)
  • Or direct email notification.
Results will be posted with Wednesday's Round Of Words 80 check in.



  1. I saw your link on Twitter & G+ - I think it was your G+ link I clicked on.

  2. Some days are better than others. Luckily. ;) Keep up the good work!

    Tonight, I ended up here via Google+, previously through Twitter.

  3. There are always those days--sound like there are a lot more good days for you, so congrats!

    I saw your tweet and clicked the link therein--no bot here!

  4. Shoot, I forgot to say it was me!


  5. Hi Derek! I got here via Google+. :)

    Sorry you missed your goals on Friday. I did, too. Maybe your brain needed a day off?

  6. Real person here. I found the link to this via your Twitter page. I'm joining the ROW80 challenge myself today.

  7. You posted under the #ROW80 hashtag.

  8. I came here via your link on your Twitter bio

  9. Good for you for still being in the black! I had an off week so am now in the red lol, but there's always next week.

    I clicked through from twitter. Speaking of, I don't remember seeing your link in the linky tools, though I could be blind. Definitely make sure you post there with all the ROW80 participants.

  10. Good progress and way to keep things "in the black"

    I found you through Linky Tools (ROW80).

  11. Sounds like you are making progress despite the off day. It all balances out in the end. I'm your friendly row80 cheerleader this week. Rah Rah!

  12. Through ROW 80. We all have our off days (I had an off week this week). Great job on being ahead!