Monday, July 4, 2011

Round Of Words In 80 Days Goals

ROW80 is new to me. I've never tried it before, but I'm going to give it a shot. I've been woefully under-productive this year. So, I'm going to ambitious with my goals, and I need some or more of you to keep me accountable.

My goals are many:
  • A progressive daily word goal- 500/day the first week, 750/day the next, 1000/day the third week of July and 1250/day the last week of July. August starts at 1000/day and progresses to 1750/day the last week. And for the rest of the challenge, I am aiming for a goal of 1500/day. An extra 250 words/day jump isn't big, but it adds up over time. I need to get better about being productive on a regular, daily basis. I can spew words out for NaNoWriMo, but the rest of the year, my productivity nose-dives. ROW80 may be the impetus I need to break that habit.
  • Finish the full first drafts of at least two novels. I have too many projects that are languishing in the 50-60K area that are unfinished, lacking only 30-40K to be complete. This has to end.
  • Fight the Curse of the Brand New Shiny. I CAN NOT write on anything new during ROW80-3. I can make notes, jot down character ideas, plot points, and the like, but I can not write a single word on a new shiny idea until Sept 23rd. (This is a hard one and is going to suck; I have ideas for 3 new novels in my head)
  • Start the editing/revisions on one of those finished novels.
Can I really make these goals? We'll see.


  1. I like the progressive word count goal. I'd never thought of doing that. I might give it a try next time I'm not editing. Good luck!

  2. Thanks. I'm trying to break a writing slump/sporadic period. If I can consistently hit 500 a day, I can trick my brain into believing that another 250 is only "a little" more, right? ;)

  3. You've given yourself specific goals for ROW80. I laughed at the 'brand new shiny' comment. It's so hard not to dive into a new project when an idea strikes. Good luck :-)

  4. Emma-
    Yes, specific, publicized goals. I feel more accountable that way. Failure to meet publicized goals results in "public" floggings. That's motivation. ;)