Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Muse vs The Motivational Fairy

As I'm found of saying -
"The Muse overburdens me with ideas. It's the Motivational Fairy that's giving me the cold shoulder."
It's true too. Over the last few weeks, I've received ideas for two different novels,  a character description that fits neither of these novel ideas, and a piece of dialogue for that character (maybe?) in a possible sex scene - which is outside my norm. The idea locker is full to bursting. I've got more ideas than I could reasonably write out to completion.

What I am sorely lacking in is motivation. I haven't written anything in three weeks. I think part of it comes down to my inefficiency as a writer; I'm not getting the story out as fast as I want it to be. That's frustrating to me. If I could hook my brain directly into my word processing program and think the story onto the page, I'd be off like a shot!

How do you keep your ideas under control, and what keeps you motivated?


  1. Ideas under control is easy: jot down a few notes, save the file/notebook/human-flesh-with-blood-ink somewhere safe.

    As for motivation, I've just taught myself to get to it. I tell myself the job, and get it done. It helps that I break down the idea into scenes before I begin so I know where I start and where I'm going for each scene.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Pat. Appreciated!

    You sound like the meticulous planner. I'm not. If I know too much ahead of time, I find myself less inclined to write the piece. It's about the discoveries and 3am epiphanies on the journey for me.

  3. As an artist and designer I'm constantly doodling things that have no place in anything. However, because of this I've started a Morguefile to pull from when inspiration does not strike.

    If you compile these written ideas into a writer's Morguefile you can pull from them later. That character may fit into something 5 years down the road.

    Welcome to the writing world. :)

  4. Same thing - jot ideas down so I won't forget them. A few other things that help motivate me: 1. Outline, outline, outline. If you're not to the point where you can outline, try using index cards. Jot down sections of the story that you have, put them in order, and then brainstorm the spaces in between.

    2. Give yourself 'free' writing time. Write whatever you want so that it doesn't feel structured. Be creative, write however you want, and don't worry about mistakes or errors. Save what you've done for later because it might come in handy!

  5. I'll try to be a little warmer but we have to keep moving and our wings fan out even the hint of a flame. It's an occupational hazard, not an intent to slow anyone else down...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it...so there! Besides, you humankind do move so very, very slowly, it that this idea called 'motivation'?

    Gwenofthefaeriefolk ;)