Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog Stats

I'm new to blogging, and one thing I've found I really enjoy looking at is my blog's stats. Now, I'm not obsessive about it or anything (okay, maybe a little bit), but I find it interesting to see all the information I can track. Page views, views by operating system (including, smart phones, iPads and oddly enough, an iPod), views by browser, traffic sources and more.

The stat that interests me most of all though, is the world map marking countries that I have received page views from. Three days into this blog, I had already been viewed in six different countries - US, Canada, UK, Germany, South Africa, and weirdly enough Algeria.

I know the name of the game here is brand recognition, and the blog is a step on that path. Getting my name out there and recognized through blog readers, which I hope to one day convert to book readers.

Question is this: How can I increase my viewership? Especially those international page hits? I already post links to the blog on twitter 2-3 times a day when i have a new post up- don't want to become an annoyance with it, or blow my own horn too often. I've also had a couple of folks add my blog link to their facebook pages. What else can I do to (unobtrusively) put myself out there?

Programing Note: On June 23rd, Twitter's own @Jinxie_G (author N.L. Gervasio) drops by to share her new book "Nemesis" with Brain Drippings. Don't miss it!

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  1. Welcome to blogging! It's been so good for me. Kristen Lamb (she has a blog at WordPress) teaches folk all about building a platform. When I started blogging, I wasn't sure of my direction or how to gain a readership. Kristen's blog and both of her books (We Are Not Alone and Are You There Blog) have been immensely helpful. She gives detailed advice on how do really build your blog and your platform.