Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Successfully Gain Me As A Follower 2

I originally posted this blog back on July 22, 2011, and it's time to update my list of Do's and Don'ts.


How To Successfully Gain Me As A Follower

I'm noticing an annoying trend on twitter. Maybe it's new, or maybe I've just now noticed it.

New followers who are spectacularly failing to receive my follow back.

This isn't going to be a rant. Think of it as a handy set of guidelines to tweet by. :)

I use Hootsuite to tweet with. On the profile page for a tweeter it gives me the option to look back through the last several tweets you've sent. After your initial profile in 200 characters or less, this is one of the major decision criteria I use for follow/no follow decisions.

It's not hard people. Seriously.

  • Be interesting - If all you tweet about is the ducks you fed at the pond, I'm probably not the follower you want. Ducks can be interesting (And sometimes even tasty!), but if you're just ducks 24/7/365, I'm going to go load my blocking gun. As I'm writing this, @JStevenYork just shared a fascinating youtube video with his followers about the design of the lunar rover, and how it fit into an empty 5ft tall x 5ft wide x 5ft deep wedge-shaped storage space on the lunar lander. THAT is being interesting, folks.
  • Be relevant to me - Okay, this one you CAN'T control, but it's really not too hard. I have lots of interests, you'll probably fit in one of them if you try. Just look at my log line for the blog for inspiration.
  • Interact with your followers - Put the SOCIAL in Social media. If you aren't talking to people, you're not being interesting to me, and probably less relevant.

  • Be a spammer - You're just asking to get blocked and reported.
  • Be a link whore - You links might be interesting, maybe even useful, but I'm not going to follow you. Obsessive re-tweeters fall into this category too. If all you do is RT, you aren't being "You".
  • Fill your tweets with quotes of famous people - If all your tweets consist of these, you're not going to have me following you. 
  • Don't have more than half your profile  filled with pictogram symbols. Seriously, I'm not going to spend the time to decipher what you are trying to mean by No.7 or a music note. If I wanted to spend my time deciphering symbols, I'd take up the study of hieroglyphics. Sure, it might mean you like music, but that tells me nothing about what KINDS of music.
  • Don't spend over a month on twitter and have only 3 re-tweets to show for it. You aren't being social, which is the point of "Social Media". That's a #TwitterFail to me.
    See? Simple dos and don'ts. Follow them, and I'm more than likely going to follow you back.

    Any tips for separating the wheat from the chaff? Feel free to share them!


    1. I have three words when it comes to handling twitter follows: Ruthlessness, ruthlessness, ruthlessness.

      If I follow someone who spams my timeline, I send one (public) warning. If the person doesn't quit, I unfollow.

      And spam takes a very fluid definition for me...

    2. Good guidelines. There are a few tweeps I follow just because, even though they don't follow me, because they do engage and are being themselves. They're mostly celebrities, like Neil Gaiman or Nathan Fillion. They're being themselves out there for the world to see, engaging with their followers, and tweeting about all sorts of things, and that's very interesting, even if they can't follow everyone back.
      There are a few information feeds I follow, because their info is helpful for my chosen profession, and I don't expect them to follow me back, though one does.
      Otherwise, though, if you don't engage with your tweeps, I won't be one of your tweeps for very long, yup.