Monday, June 20, 2011

Your Space

Space...the final frontier- No wait, that's a different blog post. I'm talking about space of a different kind.

Workspace is what I'm on about today. (And not your little plot in the cubicle farm Monday - Friday) Currently, my writing "workspace" is the end of the couch. In front of the tv. I don't have a dedicated writing space, and that's probably putting the brakes on my productivity. Some people can sit in an overpriced coffee dealership and work away, but that's not me. I work better in a more solitary environment. I've attended write-in events during NaNoWriMo, and they are great for socializing with other writers, but I get more accomplished when I'm at home.

Having a set space would keep me more organized, and I think I could focus better. Someplace where I can keep all my reference material in easy reach without having to get up and walk 10 feet to look something up. Somewhere I can set up two computers/laptops, one to write from, the other to pull reference documents without having to switch between windows Yes, I'm lazy like that.

My idea space would look something like this: Oversized bookcases would line the walls. A large desk top for the two computers/laptops, and room to spread hard-copy out for reference and editing. Small refrigerator for keeping tasty beverages cold. I haven't decided if I'd want a window or not. Without one I'd be forced to look through the windows of my imagination and describe what I see there. (Which is the whole point of this hypothetical room, right?) And, I may, or may NOT have internet in there. Certainly not on the laptop for writing.

There it is, my mythical, hypothetical, idealized workspace. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on your own spaces- dream, real, or otherwise.

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  1. I, too, am working on one end of a couch. And I do find that my days are more productive when less distractive. (My wife is on the other end of the couch.)

    I long ago devised my perfect library/space: A house half-buried in the side of a mountain. In the house would be a library, accessed through a natural rock tunnel. Bookcases would line the walls, with soft carpet on the floor. At one end of the room is a giant fireplace, flames licking the logs hungrily. At the other end, an underground stream has been encased with glass, making a waterfall of the wall. Across from the natural tunnel, a floor-to-ceiling window looks out from the sheer cliff face to clouds, where birds of prey glide through the high mountain breezes.

  2. I can visualize that, David. Very nicely done. Sounds like a writers-man cave, literally!
    Thanks for stopping by and taking tom respond!