Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lucky Day

Well, it's Brain Drippings' 1st blogiversary. Considering my reluctance to begin blogging *at all*, I'd say the blog is lucky enough to have made it this far. So, in the spirit of bon chance (What the French would call good luck or good fortune), I thought I'd tell you about a day I had happen to me once.

Ever have one of those days when things just go right for you? Even when things go wrong, they still turn out right for you? One of those days where Karma decides "Let's let him/her have one today." Happened to me a couple years back.

The gf and I were going out of town to an airshow in San Angelo, Texas. We were leaving DFW and driving west to the part of Texas that, on a colored map, changes over from green to yellow-brown. We stopped at the bank around lunch-time, and I'm sitting there, waiting to get into the parking spot in front of the building. There's a man blocking the open space while he's getting something out of the backseat of his Tahoe. He's a tall black guy, tall enough to look over the top of his Tahoe; could have played guard or forward on a basketball team, he's that tall. Something is on the ground next to his feet, so the gf hops out and tells him about it.

He thanks her, picks it up (looks like a checkbook or something that size), and she goes on into the bank, and he follows a moment later. I pull into the slot and wait. When she comes out, she's holding a bank envelope. (We weren't picking up cash or anything, so this is a little odd) She tells me that the man was waiting for her by the door to the bank with the envelope. He'd thanked her again and handed her the envelope and said "This is for you and your husband. Lunch is on me." She opened the envelope in the truck, and there's $100 in 20s in the envelope! We both looked at each other and I said "Well, there's gas money for the weekend!"

Then we went across the street to Target. She wanted to look at digital cameras, and found one she liked. It was already 30% off. The only one left in stock was the display unit. She asked if anything would be taken off the price because it was the display. They did. She ended up getting a $250 camera for less than half. Our day just kept getting better and better.

We picked up the boy after school, and got out of DFW around 4:30, after fighting some monster traffic on 820 headed west & south around Ft Worth. After we stopped for dinner, and finally made it to San Angelo, (And nearly hitting a deer at night on a 4 lane highway in the middle of nowhere, Texas) we arrived at our hotel at 9:30pm. We'd booked a double with two queen-sized beds on a credit card. This was a price of around $75/night for two nights.

When we got to the hotel, and the gf hopped out to go check us in, it was several minutes before she came back out. She had bad news, and good news. The bad news was that the hotel, at which several of the performers and show personnel were also staying, needed our room and gave it away, since we were so late in checking in. The good news, however, was that since we'd booked it on a credit card, they had to give us another room. The only thing they had available? The $155/night suite over the lobby! King-sized bed, living room with fold out couch, small kitchenette, two tvs and a decent sized closet. And, because we'd booked it on the card, they gave us the suite for the rate of the double we'd originally booked.!

Tell me about your lucky day! Comments are always welcome.


  1. I love days like that. Don't come around too often.

    1. No, they don't, not for me anyway!

      Thanks for stopping in, Clover!

  2. What a cool day! Have to agree that they don't come around that often. And usually people tend to remember the ones where Murphy's Law reigns.