Friday, July 20, 2012

Fey Lights Review

"Fey Lights" by Liana Brooks

Let me start off right now by telling you there *will* be SPOILERS in this review. I'll do my best alert the reader before-hand, so that those who enjoy their reviews spoiler free may enjoy this one.

"Fey Lights" is a sci-fi novella. Interwoven among it's plot lines is a touch of adventure, a dash of action, a pinch of mystery, and a sprinkling of romance. Stir it all up and let it simmer in the tropical island setting, and you have a receipt for a tasty dish.

I had the chance to beta read this novella. There were few places I could find to poke holes in the story, and the author added some extra seasonings to make the published version of this story twice as nice.

*Here there be SPOILERS*

"Fey Lights" starts not with a bang, but with a crash. Literally. Main character Jeani finds herself shipwrecked on a back-rocket planet in the middle of nowhere, on the trail of a missing colleague, and on the run from a slave dealer. Then Jeani's life gets complicated when ghosts of her past she can barely recall turn up, bearing torches.

Throw in flying jellyfish, a sea creature or two, a few daring escapes, and a head-spinning plot twist, and you have a read that is both enjoyable, and leaves you wanting more.

*Spoilers Finished*

The author offers up a grand universe to explore in just a short novella. Competing empires, competitively cooperating police forces, shape-shifting humanoids, native species with their own colorful local customs. There's enough here for an entire series to explore.  There were mere hints of a larger back story that I hope the author brings to light. I for one would enjoy another outing in the Fey Lights universe. I think most other readers would too.

"Fey Lights" is available now. 

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